Green Thumb Industries promotes well-being through the power of cannabis. With a belief in the plant's ability to improve health, happiness, and comfort, they are powering a profound shift in the industry through their family of brands and retail experiences. Every element of the brand ties back to the core brand promise of well-being — using subtle hand-drawn elements, warm, earthy colors, straightforward photography, and humanist typography. The logo was designed with a dual meaning; symbolic of their namesake and their heritage of cannabis cultivation.
Client: Green Thumb
Agency: The New Company

Executive Creative Director: Matt Luckhurst
Design Director/Digital Lead: Will Geddes
Design Lead: Maria Vaquero
Designers: Andreas Pranoto, Alex Khomyakov
Photography: Hanna La Salvia

Green Thumb Industries:
Founder & CEO: Ben Kovler
Chief Strategy Officer: Jennifer Dooley
VP Corporate Communications: Linda Marsicano
Corporate Communications Manager: Grace Bondy
Senior Design: Sam Snyder and Robert Patterson
Digital Media Manager: Casey Gordon

2021  San Francisco, CA