Only 11% of the content on U.S. history textbooks is about women. Lessons in Herstory is an app that uses AR to change this, by bringing to life the forgotten stories of women. Lessons in Herstory allows students to scan an image of a male historical figure in one of America’s most popular history textbooks. The app unlocks a related story from the same period of a forgotten woman in history. 

Goodby Silverstein & Partners
Ricardo Uribe, Paul Nowikowski, CDs
Eleanor Rask, Trevor Joplin, ADs
Maria Vaquero, Illustrator, Designer
August Bjornberg, Technologist

One Show 2020 (4xGold, 3xSilver)
Cannes Lions 2019 (2xGold)
D&AD 2020 (1xWhite Pencil, 2xGraphite Pencils, 1xWood Pencil)
ADC 2020 (2xGold, 1xSilver, 2xBronze) 
Andy’s 2020 (2xGold) 
Webby 2020 (1xAward, 2xPeople’s Voice Award)
Clio 2019 (1xGold, 2xSilver, 2xBronze)
The Drum Awards (Grand Prix)
Presented at the Global Summit of Women 2019
App of the Day, Apple