"Inspiring the next generation is how New Victors are made." Sue Bird and her partner Megan Rapinoe have defined greatness and longevity in their respective sports, but their legacy project goes far beyond their careers. Through sports, Sue and Megan also found their voice and a platform to advocate for more representation, visibility and investment in women's sports.
Client: Nike
Agency: The New Company

Executive Creative Director: Matt Luckhurst
Creative Director: Aimee Hoffman
Art Director: Maria Vaquero
Producer: Nick Roldan
President: Seth Mroczka

Nike: Timi Killam, Olivia Gaylord, Caroline Bleeker, Mallory Jamett


DP – Basil Fauchier
Photographer – Sophia Wilson
Post Production – Forager
Executive Producer – Ali Webb
Edit – Noah Kendal
Assistant Editor – Hannah Namnoum
Music – Sixtyfour Music
Composer – Daniel Lidchi
Color — Brett Price
Mix — Bobb Barito

2021  San Francisco, CA