The Athlete's Mindset is a free audio series on the Nike Training App. It features expert guidance and athlete's stories to help strengthen your mind. The New Company helped Nike develop the video and campaign graphics to launch the series. The video transitions from the physical to the mental through the use of analog techniques — painting footage to illicit a more emotive connection to the mind. 

To produce the animations, we worked in close collaboration with mixed media animator, Danae Gosset. Each animation was illustrated frame by frame using a variety of materials such as crayons, felt tip pens, and watercolors. Once a 2-3 second section was completed, the frames were scanned and stitched together.

The New Company
Matt Luckhurst, ECD
Aimee Hoffman, CD 
Ali Issari, Producer 
Maria Vaquero, Design Lead
Danae Gosset, 2D Design and Animation